The good thing about living in Southern California is that we’re blessed with pretty good weather and sunshine most of the year, even in winter months. Of course we have our own version of “winter,” and go through some overcast and rainy days, but not like many other parts of the country. And in the summertime, we’re pretty much dang near being guaranteed sun every day, which is great news if you’ve gone solar. 

If you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your solar panel system this summer while the sun is vastly available, there are some things you can do and parts to check yourself to ensure your system is in good working order and doing its job properly. 

Start with just taking a good look at the panels – are they clean? You may find debris, dirt and dust that’s built up over the months. Even bird droppings can block full capabilities of the panels, so you’ll want to make sure the panels are good and clean. Look for any animal nesting underneath or around the panels. You can use a simple garden hose to water off the dust and debris, and for a more concentrated cleaning effort, a non-abrasive soap and warm water with a dry cloth or squeegee will help clean off the residue. Please make sure that you are safe if you’re going to be getting on the roof yourself and checking the system, if circumstances don’t allow for safety, we’d recommend calling a professional to come and do the service. 

While you’re up there and before you start firing off the water hose, it’s a good idea to  make sure there aren’t any cracks or frayed wires. Cracks or gaps in the frames could allow for water or dust to get into the system, and water exposure can damage the fuses and electrical connectors. Also, look for any corrosion that might have happened from any previous rain.  

Now that you’ve checked your panels and they are in good shape, the next thing you can do to ensure they’re working at full capacity is to make sure nothing is blocking the glorious sun rays. Overgrown landscape is usually what would cause any shade over your panels, so make sure your trees are trimmed regularly to avoid any interference with the sun getting through and to your solar panels. 

Our next suggestion has nothing to do with the solar system itself – it has to do with your air conditioning system. In this day and age of fast technology, many households are getting smart thermostat systems for temperature control in the home. Like any other smart device, you can remotely check in and adjust your thermostat from anywhere. You can set timers, schedules, different temperatures for different areas of the house; and most systems even have a feature where they learn your habits and schedules and can adjust on their own! This is overwhelmingly beneficial in saving your solar power energy on air conditioning or heating the home, and making adjustments to conserve energy.

The benefits of solar powered energy in Southern California is what’s made it so popular and investment-worthy in the state. We have an abundance of the natural resources that this technology needs. Make sure you take full advantage of it by keeping your system clean and shade-free!