There is no doubt the solar movement is growing fast in California. With every year, the percentage of households using renewable energy is increasing and people are enjoying from great rebates. However, households are not the only who can enjoy from moving to solar. small businesses are getting a lot of great incentives themselves.

As a small business owner, you can make the switch to solar energy to help benefit your community, the environment, and your business simultaneously. Solar energy can save businesses money in many ways. Solar energy reduces the amount of electricity a business has to buy, and also allows businesses to sell excess electricity that it generates to their local distribution company. It will also qualify the business for tax credits, deductions, and other incentives.

When you install solar panels and a generation system, your business will have to buy less electricity or possibly none at all. On weekends your business may generate more power than you need which can be sold to either your local electricity company or companies who have solar buy-back programs available for businesses. Solar energy is a long-term business investment that won’t pay for itself overnight, but in the long run can save your business a lot of money.

In a survey conducted by the Solar Energy Industries Association, they found that nine out of 10 Americans believe that America should develop and use solar energy. This means solar energy can help small businesses have a better reputation. Customers and clients can have a positive reaction to your business’s decision to go solar, and will perceive your business as environmentally friendly.