The energy costs are on a constant rise around the world, as the natural fossil fuel reservoirs deteriorate at an alarming rate, so it’s time to look for sustainable energy options like the wind, hydro and solar power. One of the major contenders that offer excellent alternatives to traditional energy sources is solar energy. For this reason, several households have started to take an interest in solar power generation to reduce their energy costs. The main component of a solar power-generating unit is the battery. With new innovative technology, the batteries are affordable and performs much better.

Pros of Installing Residential Solar Panels

Solar panel manufacturing companies recommend that homeowners rely on the energy efficient solar shingles as their main material for solar energy generation. Most probably, homeowners do not need anything else other than the special panels for collecting solar energy. Many of these solar panels are waterproof which indicates that the panels will be safe from water damage. You don’t have to worry about the wind uplift as the companies are dedicated to providing safety features to keep the panels from winds without compromising the energy efficiency of your home. Following are the main benefits of having solar panels for your home.

  • Solar panels are versatile, they are designed in such a way that they can blend into any exterior design
  • The solar material on solar panels is made from premium materials that are aesthetically beautiful and they are capable of powering up your home in any season
  • They come in different models and sizes
  • Every installation can be performed by merely stapling the material onto the roof  
  • You get a lot of tax exemptions if you have a solar panel at your home along with energy efficiency
  • They can be effectively used in combination with regular asphalt tiles
  • As the roof tiles materials are new, they are comparatively more efficient than traditional solar panels
  • They can cover a wider area in comparison with conventional solar panels
  • Some roof tiles are capable of producing around 13 to 17 kilowatts of power

Cons of Residential Solar Panels

As any top product and innovative technology, there are bound to con along with its numerous benefits. Some of the disadvantages of solar panels are as follows:

  • The lack of solar energy storage is one of the major drawbacks of solar roof tiles
  • Even if the energy storage unit is available, it either stores very limited energy that is not sufficient to power the entire house
  • The roof of your home must be made with certain specifications for the roof tiles to work.
  • If the roof tiles are placed at an incorrect angle, they lose their effectiveness as the angle won’t be able to catch the heat from the sun in the correct manner
  • The surface area of the roof of your home must be enough to hold all the panels together in place the more the roof tiles, the more energy it generates
  • The solar panels are considerably costly to install when compared with other solar panels the storage units need to be purchased separately making the cost very steep

Now that we have listed the pros and cons of solar energy and residential solar panels, however, the pros outweigh the cons because Pacific Sky Solar offers high-quality equipment that will make solar panels a good investment for your energy efficient home.