If you still haven’t made the switch to solar, don’t worry. We don’t judge. It’s a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There’s so much to consider. The price. The benefit. The choices available to you given your circumstances. It’s so much more than just ‘Hey, let’s get solar!’ and then BOOM it’s done. We’re here to help with some tips for how to find the right solar solution for you and your family.

Rebates And Tax Credits
Due to the expense of switching to solar, you’ll want to take advantage of every opportunity available to you to help save as much money as possible. Oftentimes companies will offer a rebate – a temporary price reduction to drive sales and stimulate business. Financing options, which work similar to a loan, assist in paying over time.

Tax credits return the money to you when you file taxes for the year you installed. The Solar Investment Tax Credit was set to expire in 2007 and received an extension through 2022. The deal, however, includes a reduction in the amount of your investment you can claim/return is dropping steadily along the way. Sooner rather than later is the name of the game, now.

Whether you decide to have your solar panel installed professionally or not – we’ll get to that in a minute – you absolutely need a consultation. A consultation is needed to take part in any net metering programs your community may offer, but it also assesses how much energy your home uses in a day, and what sort of output you might garner. Net metering is another program you’ll want to investigate, as it helps you save money and pay off your solar faster while also helping the greater good. Altruism and personal gain can work together.

Your Givens
Do you know the size of your roof, off the top of your head? Do you know how much shade you get from trees on your property? Do you know which direction your house faces? Maybe you asked those questions to your realtor before buying the property, or maybe they’ve naturally crossed your mind. Regardless, they’re little bits of information you’ll need to consider what type of solar panels to get and where to place them.

The amount of sunlight your panels are exposed to will determine how much energy they’re able to generate, which will offset the cost. You can still invest in solar even if you don’t have a massive roof. what you get and where you put it will either make it a good investment or a great investment.

DIY vs. Professional Help
It is possible to DIY your solar roof… but we don’t recommend it. Equipment and skill alone should be enough to scare most folks away. More than that, if it’s not done well, or you make an irreversible mistake, it’s going to negatively affect your investment. Environmentally speaking, solar is always a good investment. The green benefits, especially in this day, greatly outweigh any negative (Altruism). Financially for you, though, (Personal Gain) if it’s not done right the first time, it’s going to cost you.

Make this investment work for you in all the best ways. Be a good human and do your part to take care of this planet. That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the opportunities and ways to save and get a little something in return.