The Federal Tax Credit for Solar, for both residential and commercial installations, has been extended for another two years at the 2020 rate of 26%!!!
This is wonderful news not only for the Solar Industry but for each solar project coming up. A 26% Federal Tax credit is a huge benefit and can be that incentive that solidifies the decision to go green!  The effect this extension has on the industry and for each family going solar is significant and truly a win-win for the solar industry, the consumer, and our country and environment.
Every Solar installation that is installed worldwide is one most profound way to protect our planet and that in itself is enough reason to go Green with a solar installation. The added benefit of saving so much money on Utility costs and taking advantage of the 26% Federal Tax credit while it is available is the smart thing to do!
PacificSky Solar is happy to help you take advantage of the Sun! The Sun’s eco-friendly energy is beating on your roof every day….all you need to do is harness it with top tier solar panels and PacificSky Solar’s expertise.