The  Federal Solar  tax credit has been active since 2005 and it has been instrumental in expanding solar installations throughout the country. When the Solar Federal tax credit was first implemented it was at its highest at 30% and has gone down to 26% in the year 2020 and will go down again in 2021 to 20 %, then in 2022 it will be gone for residential. In 2022 there will still be a Federal Solar Tax credit for commercial solar installations.
It is important to note that you must be installed before the end of that year (by Dec, 31st) to have that year’s applicable Federal Solar Tax credit to apply, so if you wait to get your solar install until 2021 then you will lose the 26% and will be at the 20% level. PacificSky Solar is happy to answer your questions in regards to the Federal Solar Tax credits and how to apply for them once you get your solar installation. The time is right to go Solar and to have your roof space working for your family creating green energy for decades to come, saving you a lot of money on your utility bills and offsetting your carbon footprint now and for future generations.
Solar energy will always make sense both financially and environmentally with or without the Federal Solar tax credits but the sooner you decide to install your solar system the better as to secure your Federal Solar tax credit.  PacificSky Solar is happy to provide a free professional solar estimate and advise what your tax credit amount will be for that contracted price. Everyone has contemplated installing a solar system at their residence, NOW is the time to do it ! PacificSky Solar has been in business from 1994 and a leader in Solar installations throughout southern California and our outstanding ratings and reviews prove this. Take advantage of the Federal tax credit and money saving attributes of installing a solar system at your residence and feel great about doing the most profound thing a household can do to help the environment by going solar. PacifcSky Solar is here to help and it is our pleasure.