There are many ways to increase energy efficiency and decrease your carbon footprint where your house is involved. Updating insulation, switching to solar power, upgrading appliances, they’re all great ways to save valuable resources. But what if you could not only increase the value of your home on a Green scale, but also up your curb appeal at the same time? …Go on…

Drought proofing your yard will not only lower the amount of water you use – and thus, your bills – but it will bring new life and beauty to your landscape. And no, drought-proofing your yard doesn’t mean a lawn full of rocks and cacti. Read along for a little inspiration…

Ground Cover

First and foremost, you’ll want to start with a ground cover that pleases. Depending on how large your front lawn is, there’s a lot of ground to, well, cover. 

Rocks are certainly one easy, low-maintenance way to go. They come in a variety of shades and sizes. You can create a natural look with an array of browns, tans, and grays; create a sleek work of art with smooth jet black stones; make a work of art with bright, icy blue stones evoking a frozen lake effect.

Herbs make a somewhat surprising appearance on this list, but believe it or not herbs like Creeping Thyme, Creeping Rosemary, or Russian Sage lay a beautiful blanket of greenery on your lawn. The creeping variety are perfect to use in conjunction with a stepping stone walkway. 

Fescue is the best substitute for grass. It grows in a mound and sprouts thin, hair-like blades that look like Dr. Seuss designed it. It’s soft and can be brushed to look like the waves of an ocean. But if you really want to cling to that lush, green lawn, fescue hits the jackpot.

Mulch is a standard to many gardens already. You’ll need to re-mulch every spring and autumn, and rake, or turn it, often. But it’s a natural product that decomposes over time and has significant benefits to plant growth and moisture control. And with enough plants in your yard, it won’t come down to a field of wood chips. 

Sedum is in the succulent family, but they make gorgeous ground cover all the same. Different shades of green give your yard dimension and intrigue.


The words “drought-proof” can’t help but conjure images of cacti and succulents. Drought, desert, it just goes there. But surprisingly, there are a variety of succulents you can use, as well as blooming beauties, to fill your front yard. There are creeping vines like Bougainvillea with their robust bursts of colors including red, pink, and purple. Lavender, Salvia, and Chamomile; herbs that work in the kitchen as well as they do in a drought tolerant lawn. Poppies, and Globe Mallow are just a few blooms that will bring color and variety to your garden.


Adding height and dimension to your drought proof yard isn’t just about the plants.The features you add to your front and back yard are equally as important. You can install raised flower beds by building some custom out of wood, or repurposing a tin trash can or wagon. Larger ceramic flower pots or vases can be used as art or to house a recycled water fountain. Benches, statues, pergolas, and walking paths tie in harmoniously to create your very own secret garden. 

Changing up the landscape of your home instantly increases its value. Switching to a water-wise garden/lawn does it even better. Reducing water consumption and your bills helps it pay for itself even faster, it will have no problem attracting buyers whenever it goes to market, and best of all you have a true thing of beauty to welcome you home.