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Author: Eli M

Overview of Specific Yield

Specific yield (kWh/kWp) is one of the most commonly used performance metrics for all sizes of solar systems. It’s used for many things such as comparing different locations, analyzing different designs, and assessing the health of an array. Specific yield refers to how much energy (kWh) is produced for every kWp of module capacity over the course of a year. Typical values can range from 1,000 kWh/kWp to over 2,000 kWh/kWp, but the actual value is driven by many factors, which include location, module selection, and balance of system efficiency. A project’s location determines the amount of sunlight or...

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How America’s Cloudiest Cities Are Producing A Ton of Solar Power

Solar energy and cloudiness may seem incompatible, but in reality solar panels can be really valuable even in cloudy climates. A great example of this is Germany, while getting as much sun as Alaska does every year but has become a global leader on solar. In 2015, about 1.5 million solar installations there generated about 7.5% of Germany’s net electricity consumption. A gorgeous cloudless sky that has beaming sunlight every hour of the day is a dream scenario for solar panels, but is usually unrealistic. Even with a cloudy sky, at least some usable sunlight is still getting through...

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Why Small Businesses Should Go Solar

There is no doubt the solar movement is growing fast in California. With every year, the percentage of households using renewable energy is increasing and people are enjoying from great rebates. However, households are not the only who can enjoy from moving to solar. small businesses are getting a lot of great incentives themselves. As a small business owner, you can make the switch to solar energy to help benefit your community, the environment, and your business simultaneously. Solar energy can save businesses money in many ways. Solar energy reduces the amount of electricity a business has to buy,...

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5 Misconceptions About Solar

Going solar can be very scary at first. You hear a lot of different voices saying good and bad things about solar panels installation, which leads to confusion and misunderstanding. The amount of solar connected to the grid has grown a lot leading to more than one million solar installations generating electricity in the United States. With so much interest and information available, we need to be able to separate fact from fiction. That’s why we’ve gathered a few of the major misconceptions about solar energy in order to help you make the right decision: Solar panels are too...

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Why You Should Move to Solar Energy if You Are a CA Resident

The green energy movement is growing every day. People understand that moving to renewable energy source is not only good for the planet but to their bank accounts as well.  The ability not to rely on grid power have been a great reason for many Californian to install solar panel systems in their houses, as California is ranked #1 in the United States for renewable energy generation. We have gathered few of the reasons that make solar so attractive in California. There are many benefits of going solar for people everywhere, especially in California. The hot weather in the golden...

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