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Author: Eli M

Different Types of Solar Panels

Solar Efficiency   Solar panel technology is one of the most rapidly advancing areas of the renewable energy sector. New manufacturing techniques, new materials, and designs drive the boundaries of panel efficiency every year. Designs and material can vary, nevertheless all panels serve the same function. The efficiency differs between designs, and extremely efficient panels often come at a higher cost. Nonetheless, you’ll need to find the best value while considering the immediate and long-term priorities. Different types of solar panels As mentioned before, solar panels range widely in design and quality. However, most panels, fall into one of...

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How to Celebrate Earth Day

Here are 10 ways you can help celebrate Earth Day, while saving our environment and planet earth. Conserve Recycling isn’t limited to only water bottles and cans, here are the many more items you can recycle: glass, cell phone, unwanted wire hangers, cars, batteries, cars, clothing, etc. Eliminate Pollution If you have the option to walk, ride your bike, or carpool, consider making one of these changes a habitual habit. Less cars on the road the better chances of avoiding traffic delays, excess pollution emitted from cars, and better air quality for the environment. Go Solar Making the switch...

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How to Clean Your Solar Panels Correctly

Clean solar panels can make the difference when it comes to yielding more power with your system. If you are thinking of cleaning your rooftop solar panels yourself, you will need to think carefully about your safety. You will need to close down the system before starting to clean your solar panels. If at all possible, stand on the ground to clean the panels. Timing is Essential Either clean the panels when the sky is overcast or in the early morning or evening. If you try to clean then under a scorching sun, the water you use will evaporate...

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Why Generac is The Best Improvement for Your House

The Generac EcoGen backup generator If you live off the grid, there will doubtless be times when you need a backup generator. If you use solar or wind energy it’s useful to have a backup system. Even when you are connected to the grid, a backup generator is useful when the electricity supply fails. As we have witnessed in the past few months, California residents are vulnerable to fire hazzards, mud slides, and earthquakes. It’s better, as they say, to be safe rather than sorry. Also, you wouldn’t want to be without the air conditioning system when the hot...

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Meet Our Team

Get to know the people who will install your system and will help you improve your lifestyle. This is PacificSky Solar team. Rafi Pagus CEO   Rafi started the business back in 1994 with his wife Daniela. It began as ADR, “D” for Daniela, “R” for Rafi and the “A” was put at the front so that they would be first in the phone book. ADR started with electrical contracting for custom homes and commercial buildings. In 2004, Rafi was one of the first to add solar to the list of services provided. In 2014 when the company and the market...

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