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Common misconceptions about Solar

Solar is here to stay and that is great of course as the Sun can provide the entire world with enough electricity, we just need to harness that power with Solar panels. People are more educated about solar energy now but some common solar misconceptions still prevail, let’s take some time to go through them monthly. The first common misconception about Solar Energy:  ” My Solar system will still be working if the grid goes down” No you will not be able to utilize your solar system if the grid goes down.  The reason is the solar system is grid-tied,...

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Federal Tax Credit for Solar 2021

GREAT NEWS !!! The Federal Tax Credit for Solar, for both residential and commercial installations, has been extended for another two years at the 2020 rate of 26%!!! This is wonderful news not only for the Solar Industry but for each solar project coming up. A 26% Federal Tax credit is a huge benefit and can be that incentive that solidifies the decision to go green!  The effect this extension has on the industry and for each family going solar is significant and truly a win-win for the solar industry, the consumer, and our country and environment. Every Solar installation...

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Solar and Future You

The Solar industry will continue to change and adapt to the needs of the consumers and to provide the only real alternative to relying only on the Utility companies ever increasing electric charges. The hope for the future is that the solar industry and the Utility companies work more towards the common goal of the grid being mostly renewable solar energy ! The Sun is the never ending supplier of energy, has been from the conception of this earth, our rooftops and a grid system that is functioning for the good of all should be a priority ! PacificSky Solar is a leader in providing top tier solar panels and expert solar installations, we can answer all questions in regards to the entire solar process and the financing and return on the investment for your home. It is actually possible to have all of our electric needs met by Solar only, the science is already there, the square footage to accomplish this is truly miniscule in regards to the energy provided. It is time to look ahead and to grasp firmly onto the science of solar that is firmly rooted in the oldest, most reliable source known to mankind….the SUN!!! We must let go of dirty polluting energy sources to provide to our families a clean and affordable Solar future so that we may all thrive. As the Sun is the giver of...

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Federal Solar Tax Credit

The  Federal Solar  tax credit has been active since 2005 and it has been instrumental in expanding solar installations throughout the country. When the Solar Federal tax credit was first implemented it was at its highest at 30% and has gone down to 26% in the year 2020 and will go down again in 2021 to 20 %, then in 2022 it will be gone for residential. In 2022 there will still be a Federal Solar Tax credit for commercial solar installations. It is important to note that you must be installed before the end of that year (by Dec, 31st) to have that year’s applicable Federal Solar Tax credit to apply, so if you wait to get your solar install until 2021 then you will lose the 26% and will be at the 20% level. PacificSky Solar is happy to answer your questions in regards to the Federal Solar Tax credits and how to apply for them once you get your solar installation. The time is right to go Solar and to have your roof space working for your family creating green energy for decades to come, saving you a lot of money on your utility bills and offsetting your carbon footprint now and for future generations. Solar energy will always make sense both financially and environmentally with or without the Federal Solar tax credits but the sooner you decide to install...

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The 5 Easy Ways To Conserve on Energy

As homeowners, we’re always looking at ways to save so we can splurge on home renovations and decor. They always say to try to turn off lights in unoccupied rooms or opt for energy-efficient appliances, but do they really make a difference? This is one of the small changes that can make a big difference. We use our lights every day, some more than others. The amount of energy usage adds up over time so by switching, think of all that energy that could’ve been saved by switching from incandescent to LED lightbulbs. Now let’s take a look at...

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