The Solar industry will continue to change and adapt to the needs of the consumers and to provide the only real alternative to relying only on the Utility companies ever increasing electric charges. The hope for the future is that the solar industry and the Utility companies work more towards the common goal of the grid being mostly renewable solar energy ! The Sun is the never ending supplier of energy, has been from the conception of this earth, our rooftops and a grid system that is functioning for the good of all should be a priority !

PacificSky Solar is a leader in providing top tier solar panels and expert solar installations, we can answer all questions in regards to the entire solar process and the financing and return on the investment for your home.
It is actually possible to have all of our electric needs met by Solar only, the science is already there, the square footage to accomplish this is truly miniscule in regards to the energy provided. It is time to look ahead and to grasp firmly onto the science of solar that is firmly rooted in the oldest, most reliable source known to mankind….the SUN!!!
We must let go of dirty polluting energy sources to provide to our families a clean and affordable Solar future so that we may all thrive. As the Sun is the giver of all life, under it we all live and grow, without it is just darkness.  PacificSky Solar is bringing the light, let your solar installation be the most profound thing you can do for your family, your pocketbook and the environment !