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Month: November 2018

Three Easy Steps to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Three Easy Steps to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint It’s no secret, the environment is a mess from greenhouse gases to overflowing landfills. While there are bigger steps needed by the whole of the world, there are still a bunch of little things YOU can do to add up to a bigger impact. Here are three easy, economic ways to a solution. REUSABLE WATER AND COFFEE TUMBLERS It’s been reported in 2011 we produced 300 million tons of plastic waste each year. About 8 million of that winds up in the ocean in the form of plastic water bottles. The...

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Residential Solar Panels – Pros vs. Cons

The energy costs are on a constant rise around the world, as the natural fossil fuel reservoirs deteriorate at an alarming rate, so it’s time to look for sustainable energy options like the wind, hydro and solar power. One of the major contenders that offer excellent alternatives to traditional energy sources is solar energy. For this reason, several households have started to take an interest in solar power generation to reduce their energy costs. The main component of a solar power-generating unit is the battery. With new innovative technology, the batteries are affordable and performs much better. Pros of...

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